Hello, and welcome to my site! I get joy from helping you live a better life, the life you want to live. I want to give you more life. I can help you live your dreams, one step at a time. Everyone is in a different place. Some have health issues, some want to improve their relationships, many want more money. Some people just want more freedom or fun. What do you want from life, now? I'm here to help you get that.

I've spent much of my life learning how to live my dreams. I've sacrificed some things in my life and spent thousands of hours working on my self, living my dreams, and my spiritual enlightenment. I want to share what I've learned so you can take definite steps to living your dreams, whatever they may be, and wherever you are starting. I've spent this time and put this Whole Life Coaching program together to focus what I've learned and give back to the world, to you. And my rates are good!

In my study of Anthropology and my many years of work, teaching and studies at some of the most famous human potential and alternative learning centers I have learned that all humans have an innate genius. We are all unique, important, equal and needed in this world. Our "genius" is the unique, personal essence of who each one of us is as a human being. This essence we all have can be covered over by fear, ill health or social conditioning. I will gently guide you one step at a time to uncover and tap into your unique human essence and help you to live a fuller, more healthful and joyful life through my Whole Life Coaching program. In my practice I use a wholistic, or, integral, approach, which respects and unifies all human aspects including body, mind, emotion and soul. We, together, are developing a new model of psychology as well as a new world. The tumult we see in our current world I see as necessary growing pains towards a better world.

I applaud you all for the successes and learnings you have had so far. And I wish you much success and a fuller, richer life for you in the future.